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The problem is clear, the Solution is there…
the Question is HOW???

“It is Time for the World to stop kidding itself,
to Wake Up, to Realize…
that the ONLY problem of Humanity..
is lack of LOVE.

LOVE breathes Tolerance,
Tolerance breathes PEACE.
intolerance produces war and
looks indifferently upon intolerable conditions.
LOVE cannot be indifferent,

‘It does not know how’.

The fastest way to get to a place of LOVE
in concern for ALL HUMAN-KIND
is to see ALL HUMAN-KIND

The fastest way to see ALL HUMAN-KIND as YOUR FAMILY
is to STOP separating YOUR SELF.
Each of the Nations States,
now making up (read: separating) your World,
must UNITE.”

(Conversations with God, Neale Donald Walsh)

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WORLD PEACE, imagine wall… thank you

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